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Barkallah Islamic Community Center of Tampa Inc. is located in Hillsborough County of Tampa Bay,Florida. Its location puts it in close vicinity of the Tampa International Airport and the St. Pete–Clearwater International Airport with easy and quick access to major highways, US 75, and US 275.

Barkallah Islamic Community Center of Tampa Inc. serves the Muslim communities of Tampa, Temple Terrace, Brandon, Clearwater, St. Petersburg, and other neighboring cities. Alhamdulillah, we have grown from four families in 1999 to over 37 families. Barkallah was founded by four families as a way to set aside time, in addition to Jumah service, to remember Allah and to teach the next generation about Islam. A decision was made to start hosting “Asalatu” prayers in order to remember Allah as a group and create a place of to share the Deen of Allah. We continue to see and welcome additional members to the organization.

Barkallah Islamic Community Center of Tampa Inc. provides several services including: Ramadan programs (taraweeh and iftars), weekend Qur’anic school, nikkahs (wedding), naming (akhika) ceremonies and thikr (remembrance of Allah/asalatu) on Sundays. Yoruba culture and language and the Deen of Islam are inseparable in our services.


Our vision at Barkallah Islamic Community Center of Tampa Inc. is to be a leading Islamic organization that provides a dynamic and innovative environment for spiritual, educational, cultural and social activities for the entire family, and specifically the future generation of American Muslims.

Barkallah Islamic Community of Tampa Youth Empowerment Program is intended to develop God- fearing, dynamic, and charitable Muslim youth. We want them to grow up and live as Muslims, and when Allah decides, die as Muslims who have done everything to please Allah and be prepared for the day of Judgement.

barakallah tampa masjid
barakallah tampa masjid


To propagate the best way of life through reaching and reviving the group members and their families of basic Islamic etiquettes. Our focus will be via social, cultural and educational get-togethers and training sessions and programming, In Shaa Allah. We want them to pray as if everything depends on Allah, as it does; but work as if everything depends on them, when it really doesn’t.

We provide a full spectrum of valued resources and services to our diverse community.

We aim to provide a safe place for people of all ages and backgrounds to connect, pray, learn and grow in accordance with Quran and the Sunnah.

With love and compassion, we hope to inspire and build the future generation of American Muslim leaders

We strive to work in harmony with other Muslim and non-Muslim groups and civic organizations to meaningfully contribute to charitable causes and enhance our collective future.

We provide our services in a transparent and effective way, leveraging a team of dedicated and volunteer resources.


BARKALLAH Islamic Community of Tampa is a tax-deductible 501(c)(3) organization. Our Tax Id is 85-8013004529C-9